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Bob head.JPG

COL(R) Robert Adams, MD

Navy SEAL To Army Doc, Delta Force Surgeon, and Other Adventures

(Army, Family Medicine, Navy SEAL, Delta Force Surgeon)

Alarcon Headshot.png

COL(R) Alfonso "Al" Alarcon, MD

Orthopedic Surgery and Military Medical Leadership Around the Globe

(Army, Orthopedic Surgeon, VA, TRICARE, Humanitarian Missions)

Alderete Smiling_edited.jpg

COL Joseph Alderete, MD

Orthopedic Surgery in Combat and in Support of Special Operations Forces

(Army, Orthopedic Surgeon, Oncology, CFI, Special Operations, Rehabilitation)

BG Bagby Official Headshot.jpeg

BG(R) Shan Bagby, DMD, MHA

Dentists on the Battlefield and Leading Military Medicine

(Army, Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Mentorship, General Officer)


COL Tyson Becker, MD

Preparing Combat Surgeons for Difficult Operative Situations

(Army, Trauma Surgeon, TSG Consultant, STaRC, Readiness)

COL Will Bimson Photo.jpg

COL Will Bimson, DO

Combat Cardiologist Supporting  US COVID Missions & Deployments Worldwide

(Army, Cardiologist, Ranger, 18th Airborne, COVID-19)

Carlton AF Headshot.jpg

Lt Gen(Ret) Paul K. Carlton, Jr.,MD

The Innovations and Evolution of Critical Care in the Air

(AirForce, General Surgeon, TSG, CCATT, General Officer, Air Evacuation)


CDR Ramon Cestero, MD

Surgery at Sea and Innovating Surgery at the OR table

(Navy, Trauma Surgeon, Reserves, Inventor, MBA, UT Health)

Chung Kevin 5x7.jpg

COL(R) Kevin Chung, MD

Intensivist/Burn Expert-War Doc

(Army, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, ICU, Burns, USUHS, TSG Consultant, GME)

Clark Headshot.jpg

MG(R) Jeffery B. Clark, MD

MC Mission Lessons- Desert Storm to Kosovo to Katrina to Abu Ghraib

(Army, Family Medicine, Disaster Relief, Abu Ghraib, MC Chief, General Officer

Coots ACUs Podium.jpg

BG(R) Norvell "Van" Coots, MD

A Story of Perseverance, Ambition, and a Never Quit Attitude

(Army, Dermatologist, Walter Reed, General Officer)

TelitaCrosland Headshot.jpg

MG Telita Crosland, MD

(Army, Family Medicine, MC Chief, Deputy Surgeon General, General Officer)

Czarnik Headshot 2_edited.jpg

COL(R) James "Jim" Czarnik, MD

Ranger Paratrooper Physician Delivering Battlefield Care Under Fire

(Army, Emergency Medicine, Special Operations, Ranger, Paratrooper)

CSM D in ASUs Headshot_edited.jpg

CSM(Ret) Rudolfo (Rudy) Delvalle

Combat Ranger Medic to WRAMC CSM- Outstanding Soldier Medic

(Army, Enlisted, Combat Medic, Ranger, Walter Reed, CSM)


COL David Doman, MD

“Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgeon Supporting Special Operations”

(Army, Surgeon, Orthopedic, Special Operations)

Edigar Official Headshot.jpeg

Lt Gen(Ret) Mark A. Ediger, MD

Rural Family Doc to 22nd Air Force Surgeon General

(Air Force, Family Medicine, Special Operations, TSG, General Officer)

Epstein Headshot_edited.jpg

Aaron Epstein, MD

Military Medical Veterans and Volunteers- Making a Difference in Ukraine with the GSMSG

(Ukraine, Surgeon, Trauma, Volunteer, Veteran)

RADM Gillingham Crop Headshot2.jpg

RADM Bruce L. Gillingham, MD

Pediatric Orthopod, Undersea Med Officer and Current Navy TSG

(Navy, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pediatrics, Undersea Medical Officer, TSG, Flag Officer

Granger Headshot Dress Green 2 Star.jpeg

MG(R) Elder Granger, MD

Leading Large Healthcare Systems at Home and on the Battlefield

(Army, Hematologist, TRICARE, General Officer)

COL Kirby Gross, MD

“Heeding the Call of Duty after 9/11

(Army, Surgeon, Trauma, JTS)

Last Cmd Photo.jpg

CSM(Ret) Althea Green, Ph.D.

Army Medicine's Most Senior Combat Medic Shaping Military Medicine

(Army, Enlisted, Medic, USUHS, MEDCOM CSM)

Green Official Headshot.jpeg

Lt Gen (Ret) Bruce Green, MD

20th Air Force Surgeon General Shaping the Future of Military Medicine 

(Air Force, Aerospace Medicine, TSG, General Officer)

Hartstein Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

COL Bonnie Hartstein, MD

Army Pediatrician, Emergency Medicine Physician- WarDoc

(Army, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrician, TSG Consultant)

Hepburn-Matt-Formal Bio.jpg

COL(R) Matthew Hepburn, MD

Infectious Disease Expert in Pandemic Prevention and Response

(Army, Infectious Disease, DARPA, ASAMRIID,COVID-19, Operation Warp Speed)

Holcomb White Coat Headshot_edited.png

COL(R) John B. Holcomb, MD

Revolutionizing Trauma Combat Casualty Care

(Army, Trauma Surgeon, Research, JTS, Trauma Registry, USAISR)


CSM Diamond D. Hough

Leveraging Battlefield Experience to Influence Tomorrow's Medics and Corpsmen

(Army, Enlisted, Combat Medic, MEDCOM CSM)

Col Kester Best portrait June 2008.jpg

COL(R) Kent E. Kester, MD

The importance of Translational Research and Medicine in the Military

(Army, Translational Research, WRAIR, Vaccine)

LTG Offical.jpg

MG(R) Kevin C. Kiley, MD

41st Army Surgeon General- Loyalty Down and Choosing the Harder Right

(Army, OB/GYN, Walter Reed, Landstuhl, 10th Mountain Div, TSG, General Officer)

Kimball-Eayrs Catherine Headshot_edited.jpg

COL Catherine A. Kimball-Eayrs, MD

Military Pediatrician on the Battlefield and at Home

(Army, Pediatrician, Walter Reed, USUHS, Patient Experience)

King LinkedIn Headshot.jpeg

COL David R. King, MD

Army Reserve Trauma Surgeon Supports Special Ops and Civilian Communities

(Army, Trauma Surgeon, Special OPs, Reserves)

11 2012 Photo Russ Kotwal.jpg

COL(R) Russ Kotwal, MD, MPH

Advancing Battlefield Trauma Care at the Tip of the Spear

(Army, Family Medicine, Ranger, Special OPs, Research, Trauma)

Krueger Official Headshot.jpeg

BG Mary V. Krueger, MD

Leveraging Character, Training and Experience For Mission Success

(Army, Family Medicine, Program Director, 82nd Airborne, Women's Health)

CPT Lucci.png

COL(R) Edward B. Lucci, MD

Disaster Preparedness and CBRN Defense Expert- Response to 9/11

(Army, Emergency Medicine, 9/11, Walter Reed, Bioterrorism, Disaster Medicine)

MG Murphy Headshot.jpg

MG(R) Sean L. Murphy, MD

Taking Care of Military Members and their Families

(Air Force, Pediatrician, Flight Surgeon, MC Chief, USUHS, General Officer)

HEADSHOT Baghdad_edited.jpg

COL(R) Peter Napolitano, MD

OB/GYN WarDoc- Improving Surgical Patient Safety on the Battlefield

(Army, OB/GYN, TeamSTEPPS, USUHS, Women's Health)

Headshot PNG.png

COL Laurel Neff, DO

Three “No Fail” Missions- Mom, Army Officer and Family Medicine Physician 

(Army, Family Medicine, MC Deputy Chief, National Defense University, PME)

Paul Parker.JPG

Colonel Paul J Parker, FRCSEd, RAMC

British Army Surgeon: Drones, Advanced Tourniquets and Blood Products

(British Army, Orthopedic Surgeon, Trauma, NHS, Lower Limb, Innovation)

Pollock Greens Headshot.jpeg

MG(R) Gale S. Pollock, CRNA

First Female and First Nonphysician Army Surgeon General

(Army, Nurse, ANC Chief, TSG, CRNA)

Preston Headshot_edited.png

COL Samuel L. Preston, DO

Army Psychiatrist Talks Mental Health On and Off the Battlefield

(Army, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, TSG Consultant)

Farah Afghanistan 2009_edited.jpg

LTC(R) James Reed, CRNA

Special Operations Nurse Anesthetist and Veteran Suicide Prevention Advocate

(Army, CRNA, Special Operations, USAISR, FRSD, ICU Nurse, Flight Nurse)

Rhee at Podium_edited_edited.jpg

CAPT(Ret) Peter Rhee, MD, MPH

Navy Trauma Surgeon Innovating Tactical Combat Casualty Care

(Navy, Trauma, Surgeon, TCCC)

Renz in ACUs 2_edited_edited.jpg

COL(R) Evan Renz, MD

From Jumpmaster in the 82nd Airborne Division to Burn/Critical Care Surgeon 

(Army, Trauma Surgeon, Burns, USUHS, USAISR, Patient Safety, BAMC)

CAPT Schofer Photo.jpg

CAPT Joel M. Schofer, MD

Deputy Chief of the Navy Medical Corps- Emergency Medicine WarDoc. 

(Navy, Emergency Medicine, Deputy Chief MC, BUMED,, GTMO)

Schoomaker ASU Headshot 2.jpeg

LTG(R) Eric B. Schoomaker, MD, PhD

Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Strategic Landscape

(Army, Hematologist, Oncologist, Walter Reed, TSG, General Officer)

2012 Amputee Center_edited.jpg

COL(R) Charles "Chuck" Scoville, DPT

Applying Lessons Learned in War to Improve Amputee Care