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COL(R) Douglas W. Soderdahl, MD- Military Urologist and Combat Surgery Multiplier

COL(R) Soderdahl is a retired Army Urologist with 30+ years on Active Duty and multiple deployments/missions across the globe. He also is the Executive Director of WarDocs.

In this episode, we interview COL(R) Dr. Doug Soderdahl. You will hear how military urologists support warfighters in deployed environments and at home. Find out how a wannabee Army Helicopter Pilot found his way to Army Medicine and stayed for a 30+ year career. He describes stories from multiple deployments, including an isolated GSW to the prostate, MASCAL triage challenges as well as a self-inflicted “Beretta Bite”. His expertise as a Urologist paid dividends downrange, and his surgical experience allowed him to perform procedures and interventions for combat casualties that were well outside his normal stateside scope of practice Dr. Soderdahl shares some unique experiences, from Australian rappelling in Korea to humanitarian missions in Central America and Africa. Find out how a Social Media Dinosaur with one Facebook friend created an online resource for ~2000 Army physicians.

Dr. Soderdahl attended Wheaton College and then graduated from Northwestern University Medical School. He completed urology training at Madigan AMC and an Endourology Fellowship at EVMS. He has deployed twice to the CENTCOM AOR. He has held various titles in his career, including Commander, Program Director, Surgeon in Chief, and Army Urology Consultant to the Army Surgeon General. COL(R) Soderdahl has had unique and interesting experiences during his distinguished Army Medicine career and beyond, and he shares important lessons learned and recommendations through engaging stories and personal reflection.

The interview with Dr. Soderdahl is available on all major podcast platforms. Here are some popular links that will bring you directly to the episode:

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