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MG(R) George Weightman, MD- Commander, Command Surgeon- Optimizing Medical Support for Combat

Dr. Weightman discusses his lifetime of military service as a West Point cadet, infantry officer, and physician. He served as the 82nd Airborne Division Surgeon and describes his planning and execution of Operations Just Cause (combat jump into Panama) and Desert Storm. He also describes how he used these experiences to synchronize the medical knowledge of these conflicts to help implement cutting-edge battlefield care.

Dr. Weightman relates a behind-the-scenes look at the medical response to the Green Ramp disaster in 1994 at Fort Bragg where a mid-air collision of an F-16 and C-130 led to 23 fatalities and over 80 injured paratroopers that were brought to Womack Army Medical Center and surrounding hospitals.

He reflects on his time as the Commander of Joint Task Bravo in Honduras and describes the military medical mission in Central America.

Following 9/11, MG(R) Weightman played a large role in the planning and preparation for OEF and OIF as Commander of the 3rd MEDCOM, a Reserve Medical Command in Fort McPherson, GA. He shares many lessons learned while working with coalition partners and how he brought these into his role as the Commander of the AMEDD Center and School in San Antonio (now called the Medical Center of Excellence)

He commanded Walter Reed during the Washington Post articles and describes his perspectives on that issue and how to lead in difficult circumstances. He also led the storied Army Medical Research and Material Command and explains how the DoD is committed to supporting innovative research designed to benefit the warfighter and other beneficiaries.

He shares many insights and lessons learned over a distinguished career and provides some valuable advice for all listeners. You don't want to miss this episode!

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