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ABOUT Wardocs

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 Over the years, our paths have crossed with many military medical heroes with great stories to tell. WarDocs will introduce you to these patriots, who will share insights and lessons learned from their amazing experiences across the globe. If you like war stories and medical drama and want to be inspired, WarDocs has you covered!  Join us on the journey.

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Our mission

Honor the legacy, preserve the oral history, and showcase career opportunities, unique expeditionary experiences, and achievements of Military Medicine. Foster patriotism and pride in Who we are, What we do, and, most importantly, How we serve Our Patients, the DoD, and Our Nation.

Our vision

We will Honor the Legacy and Preserve the History of Military Medicine

Our purpose

WarDocs captures the history and honors the legacy of military medicine.  Military medicine has served Service Members, their Families, and Veterans and greatly benefited civilian healthcare.  Military medicine’s significant contributions deserve recognition and may get lost amongst shifting priorities and immediate challenges.  WarDocs makes conveniently accessible inspirational careers, lessons, and innovative individual and organizational leadership solutions that have improved healthcare across the spectrum of military and civilian medicine.  Highlighting military medical accomplishments in patient care, leadership, and research is essential for future generations to continually improve medical care on and off the battlefield.

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Our Values

Integrity First

We are trustworthy, reliable, and authentic. We do what we say we will do. We do the right thing, welcome accountability and are honest and transparent.



We honor each person's intrinsic dignity, autonomy, and worth. We treat others the way they want to be treated. We consider each other's feelings, values, and points of view and demonstrate empathy.


Selfless Service

We choose to serve first, embracing our roles as servant leaders in our community and other spheres of influence.



We are committed to pursuing the highest possible ethical standards and will be a trusted and respected source of military medicine information.

We Aim to...

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Leverage Lessons Learned to Improve Healthcare On and Off the Battlefield


Preserve the Oral History of Military Medicine

Honor the Legacy of Military Healthcare Heroes and Foster Patriotism

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Increase Understanding and Appreciation of Military Medicine

Educate Audiences on Advancements and Encourage Future Initiatives

Please take a minute to recommend a guest, suggest a topic, tell us what you think of our podcast, volunteer, or just let us know what's on your mind. We'd love to hear from you.

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