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Colonel Paul Parker- British Army Surgeon: Drones, Advanced Tourniquets and Blood Products

Mr. Paul Parker is a Consultant Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon with over 23 years’ experience specializing in injuries of the lower limb. He is the British Army's most senior Orthopedic Consultant, and has a busy NHS practice at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, the UK's largest level 1 trauma center.

The only consistent lesson of history is that men do not learn the lessons of history- Aldous Huxley.

In this episode, Mr. Parker describes how some of the “innovations” that we are currently using to treat patients on the battlefield actually were around a hundred years ago. He talks about how we are relearning some of the lessons of history and leveraging technology to improve care at the point of injury. Utilizing drones to evacuate and potentially treat patients is not too far in the future. Colonel Parker reflects on his almost 40 years of experience to provide insights and unique perspectives needed to prepare for combat casualty care in future conflicts. He also tells some engaging stories from his multiple deployments around the globe. Caring for the wounded on the battlefield is a team effort- you will definitely learn something from this WarDoc!

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