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COL(R) Laura R. Brosch, PhD RN: Ethical Challenges and Advancements in Combat Casualty Care Research

Explore the fascinating world of Military Medicine research and ethics with our special guest, retired Army Nurse Corps Colonel Dr. Laura Brosch. As the Assistant Vice President of Research Initiatives and Compliance at the Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences, Dr. Brosch shares her journey into Military Medicine and her experiences developing ethical protocols for conducting research in combat theaters. From the development of theater clinical practice guidelines to the introduction of novel treatment modalities for combat casualty care, you'll gain incredible insight into the challenges and advancements in Military Medicine.

One of the key advancements in Military Medicine research and ethics is the Special Medical Augmentation Response Team (SMART) and the military's use of Investigational New Drugs (INDs). Dr. Brosch discusses the importance of regulatory compliance when administering these drugs and highlights the advancements made in surgical products like combat gauze, Chitosan powder, and much more. Learn how these products were safely fielded in high OP TEMPO environments and understand the unique challenges faced when setting up a research capability in theater.

Another significant aspect of Military Medicine research is the Joint Trauma System and the theater clinical practice guidelines developed under Colonel Paul Cordts’ guidance. Dr. Brosch shares the ethical considerations taken into account when deciding which protocols to implement, such as DVT prophylaxis, tourniquet use, hypothermia prevention, and concussion awareness. The challenges of collecting data in the chaos of combat and the processes used to obtain DOD-required waivers and approvals for hospital trauma research are also discussed.

In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Brosch shares her unique perspective on the complex ethical considerations of conducting medical research in the military. Her experiences as Assistant Vice President of Research Initiatives and Compliance at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences have contributed greatly to advancing Military Medicine and the importance of ethical conduct in research. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of Military Medicine research and ethics.

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