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MG (Ret.) Phillip Volpe, D.O.- Lessons Learned from Operational Medicine Across the Globe

Dr. Volpe, a family medicine physician, has a distinguished career of clinical excellence, leadership and service.

In this episode you will hear some exciting and engaging stories from multiple deployments across the globe. Dr. Volpe was involved in Operation Just Cause in Panama in 1989 and then served as Task Force Ranger Surgeon during the Battle of Mogadishu (depicted in the major motion picture- Blackhawk Down). You will hear about the heroic efforts that were made to save lives and provide critical medical as well as the lessons learned that shaped how the military cares for the injured on the battlefield of the future.

Dr. Volpe was the Joint Special Operations Task Force Surgeon during the planned invasion of the Haiti in 1994 (Operation Uphold Democracy). Hear about the incredible amount of medical planning and preparation that took place for that mission.

As a General Officer, Dr. Volpe describes his experience in OEF and OEF as Command Surgeon for the 18thAirborne Corps and talks about his role as Co-Chair of the DoD Task Force on the Prevention of Suicide by Members of the Armed Forces.

Dr. Volpe describes his significant roles following retirement such as being a board member of the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) and the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Society of Federal Health Professionals (AMSUS).

You really don’t want to miss this episode- what an incredible career of service!

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