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CDR(Dr.) Ramon Cestero: Surgery at Sea and Innovating Surgery at the OR table

Dr Cestero is a trauma surgeon, surgical intensivist and a Navy Reservist with over 19 years in the military. Commander Cestero served as an active-duty Navy trauma surgeon for 10 years, completing seven deployments throughout his career including three to combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In this episode Dr. Cestero describes how Navy Medicine is able to provide top notch surgical care at sea and provide support to the Marines involved in ground combat. He relates his experience as a trauma surgeon in Fallujah, Iraq during major hostilities. He used his experiences to devise and design a new surgical retractor system that can be used downrange and in stateside operating rooms (Story Here: Dr. Cestero also explains how the business side of medicine can leave physicians frustrated and confused and how his experiences led him to pursue an MBA and to start training opportunities for physicians.

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