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COL David R. King, MD- Army Reserve Trauma Surgeon Supports Special Ops and Civilian Communities.

In this episode, you will hear how Dr. King walked into a Boston Army Recruiting Office and said, "Hey, I'm a Doctor, and I want to join the Army," a very uncommon scenario in the recruiting world! He describes what drew him to a career in Trauma and Critical Care and how he was part of the initial discussions of developing an Army Trauma Training platform at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami.

He shares stories from his initial deployments on a Forward Surgical Team and working in a Combat Support Hospital in Iraq and how those experiences helped prepare him to care for casualties from the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013 (after finishing the Marathon himself!). He shares some important lessons learned from that episode which he helped translate into common practice.

COL King has supported the US Army Joint Special Operations Command for more than eight years and describes a remarkable case of a critically wounded Army Ranger that required surgical repair of bleeding within the chest cavity (trauma thoracotomy) during a cardiac arrest in the most austere of conditions. This intervention saved the Soldier's life and allowed him to recover and later attend medical school.

Dr. King describes his research interests in stopping traumatic bleeding using novel technologies such as self-expanding foams and expanding the accessibility and familiarity with tourniquets within the EMS and civilian population.

He shares many insights and lessons learned over a distinguished career and provides some valuable advice for all listeners. You don't want to miss this episode!

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"This is the most impressive casualty save I have ever heard of in the combat theatre."


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