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CSM (Ret.) Rudolfo (Rudy) Delvalle- Combat Ranger Medic to WRAMC CSM- Outstanding Soldier Medic

CSM Delvalle is a retired 68W combat medic who conducted a combat jump into Panama, served as First Sergeant in a deployment to Kosovo, and rose to become the Command Sergeant Major of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

In this episode you will hear CSM Delvalle describe how medics serve throughout the military medical system from operational units to assignments within Military Medical Treatment Facilities. He provides examples of his experiences in the Ranger Battalion as a heavy weapons platoon medic and the lessons he learned to train medics to be their best. From his combat jump into Panama to training off the back of an aircraft carrier preparing for a combat mission in Haiti, he shares examples of the great opportunities he was given and how medical providers should train for the battlefield. He also discusses what medics are looking for from their military medical leadership.

CSM Delvalle served as sergeant major in Korea and then moved to the beltway to serve as the Command Sergeant major of Walter Reed AMC. During his time there, he helped care for many wounded soldiers and discusses the challenges and successes of providing the absolute best care to this incredible patient population. He also discusses the leadership lessons he learned during his career and specifically what he learned and successful changes implemented during his time as the Walter Reed Command Sergeant Major.

CSM Delvalle talks about the opportunities provided through his military service and how he was influenced by positive mentors and how he then passed this mentorship to those he led.

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