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Episode #3 Kevin Chung- Intensivist/Burn Expert-War Doc

Dr. Kevin Chung is a critical care physician and Chair of Medicine at Uniformed Services University in Bethesda Maryland.

In this episode learn about his career, and the role of critical care physicians on the battle field. He also discusses his career in burn medicine and how that helped develop him into the physician he is today.

He tells the story of how the death of six critically ill combat burn patients spurred an entire systemic change in how we manage combat evacuations and the many lives that have been saved because of it. This led to the burn clinical practice guidelines that are still used to this day.

He describes why the Uniformed Services University is an important part of our medical system and it is critical to equipping physicians for military careers.

Dr. Chung is very active and influential on twitter follow him @chungk1031

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