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MG(R) David Rubenstein, FACHE- Keys to Successful Mentorship- The Mentorship Relationship

MG(R) David Rubenstein spent 12 years in command and ended his 35-year Army career as Army Deputy Surgeon General and then Commanding General of the Army Medical Department Center and School and, concurrently, as 16th Chief of the Medical Service Corps. General Rubenstein is a graduate of Texas A&M University and the Army War College and has a master’s degree in Health Administration from Baylor University.

On this episode of our Military Medical Mentorship Moments Series, MG(R) Rubenstein focuses on the important facets of the mentorship relationship. You will hear him provide insightful answers to the following questions:

Q. How does a mentoring relationship begin?

Q. Are a mentee’s personal vision statement or specific goals important to have near the start of the relationship?

Q. Is there a defined end to a structured mentorship relationship?

Q. How important is meeting in person, or can the relationship take place entirely virtually (phone, email, video chat)?

Q. How often should meetings take place, and how long should they be?

Q. How and Who sets the agenda for the discussion?

Q. What topics are discussed in a mentorship session?

Q. Do you use any templates or take notes during a mentorship session?

Personal Reflections on Mentorship

Q. Who was your most influential mentor? Why

Q. What was the best advice you got from a mentor?

Q. What do you know now that you wish you would have learned much earlier?

Q. What characterizes a “good” or “not so good” mentorship relationship from your experience? Provide examples

Q. What is some practical advice for someone interested in mentoring or being mentored? What are the next steps to take?

MG(R) Rubenstein shares many insights and mentorship lessons learned over a distinguished career. You don’t want to miss this special episode!

The Military Medicine Mentorship Moments episode featuring MG(R) David Rubenstein is available on all major podcast platforms. Here are some popular links that will bring you directly to the episode:

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