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RADM(Ret) Colin G. Chinn,MD- Global Health Engagement, Innovative Research, and Strategic Leadership

In the most recent episode of the WarDocs podcast, retired Navy Rear Admiral Colin Chinn, MD, discussed his journey into Military Medicine, the clinical and leadership lessons he learned throughout his distinguished career, and groundbreaking research in Military Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Chinn touched on the importance of Global Health Engagement and the incredible impact Military Medicine has on the lives of Service Members and their families.

Operational Assignments for Navy Physicians:

Dr. Chinn shared his experiences as a Navy Gastroenterologist, providing medical support for Marine Corps units and how Navy Medicine utilizes medicine subspecialists in deployment roles. He also discussed the importance of being a student of leadership and understanding how the Navy and hospitals function in order to excel in executive roles within Navy medicine.

Challenges and Importance of Graduate Medical Education in Military Medicine:

The podcast episode highlighted the challenges of Military Medicine and the importance of graduate medical education in maintaining the quality of healthcare professionals in the Navy. Dr. Chinn also explored the role of contractors like TriWest in supporting remote medical facilities and the challenges they face in ensuring adequate medical care in these locations.

Regenerative Medicine Research in Military Healthcare:

Dr. Chinn discussed the significant advances in regenerative medicine conducted by military medical researchers in collaboration with major academic centers. He emphasized the importance of looking beyond the injuries of past conflicts and focusing on potential injuries from future conflicts, as well as the role of Global Health Engagement.

Global Health Engagement in Military Medicine: Lessons Learned:

The episode examined the role of Global Health Engagement (GHE) in Military Medicine, its significance in building relationships with allies and partners, and its potential impact on future military endeavors. The Center for Global Health Engagement's courses and programs were also discussed, as well as the challenges GHE practitioners face in navigating their scope of care in limited resource environments.


Retired Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Colin Chinn offered valuable insights into the world of Military Medicine and its impact on Service Members and their families. From his experiences as a Navy Gastroenterologist to his role in supporting Military Medicine and healthcare delivery, Dr. Chinn's journey highlights the importance of leadership, education, and research in ensuring the continued success and growth of Military Medicine.

The RADM(Ret) Chinn interview is available on all major podcast platforms. Here are some popular links that will bring you directly to the episode:

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