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Lt. Gen. (Ret) Dr. Paul K. Carlton Jr.: The Innovations and Evolution of Critical Care in the Air

Dr. Carlton has a distinguished career of clinical excellence, leadership and service. Lt. Gen. (Ret) Carlton served as the 17th Surgeon General of the Air Force

In this episode you will hear about the history of Air Evacuation in the military and how Dr. Carlton was instrumental in developing the Flying Ambulance Surgical Trauma Team (FAST) which later matured into the Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT); a program that transformed the nature of battlefield evacuation of the wounded. He shares how lessons were learned from events in Somalia and Haiti and despite some headwinds the CCATT became an official part of the USAF Aeromedical System. Ultimately this system played a significant role in decreasing combat mortality and morbidity in OIF and OEF. Dr. Carlton provides a behind the scenes look at the unique challenges of providing advanced critical care in the air and provides some insights into the future possibilities.

Lt. Gen. (Ret) Carlton has had an amazing and diverse experience in Military Medicine and you won’t be disappointed hearing some of the engaging stories from a distinguished career.

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