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Lt Gen (Ret) Bruce Green MD- 20th Air Force Surgeon General Shaping the Future of Military Medicine

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Dr. Green served as the 20th Air Force Surgeon General from August 12, 2009, to July 19, 2012. Hear in this episode his training to become an aerospace medicine physician. He led through multiple crises in the Pacific, commanded multiple military hospitals, including Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, helped lead Air Force medicine following 9/11, and oversaw aeromedical evacuation for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi freedom. He also provides a unique look into the role of a Command Surgeon from his experiences with US Transportation Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. An expert in disaster relief operations, he planned and led humanitarian relief efforts in the Philippines after the Baguio earthquake in 1990 and supported Operation Fiery Vigil following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. He explains that his experience in his multiple roles facilitated his ability to foster innovation that led to significant improvements in combat casualty care.

He shares many insights and lessons learned over a distinguished career and provides some valuable advice for all listeners. You don't want to miss this episode!

Our Mission is to improve military and civilian healthcare and foster patriotism by honoring the legacy, preserving the oral history, and showcasing career opportunities, experiences, and achievements of military medicine.

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