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COL Will Bimson, D.O.- Combat Cardiologist Supporting US COVID Missions & Deployments Worldwide

After completing a stint as the XVIII Airborne Corps Command Surgeon, Dr. Bimson is currently a student at the Army War College.

In this episode you will about what a Cardiologist can do downrange as Dr. Bimson describes deployment experiences in Iraq (2007) and Afghanistan (2011). Taking the road less travelled by physicians, he describes his experiences and lessons learned by attending Ranger school at age 42 earning the Ranger Tab.

COL Bimson provides some advice for providers deploying to austere locations with limited medical support at remote Aid Stations. He also recounts his experiences as the Chief of Clinical Operations with the 44th Medical Brigade when he was tasked with assisting in the set up of the Medical Station at the Javits Center in New York City. Dr. Bimson has had a unique and interesting career trajectory, you will be engaged and enlightened by his stories and insights he shares on this episode.

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