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COL(R) Robert Adams, MD- Navy SEAL To Army Doc, Delta Force Surgeon and Other Adventures

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In this episode you will hear Dr. Adams describe his journey as a Naval Academy graduate followed by 12 years in the Navy SEALS which ultimately led him to accept an Army Health Professions Scholarship to attend medical school and join Army Medicine. He trained in Family Medicine at Madigan Army Medical Center and then was stationed at the Center of the Army Universe- Fort Bragg, NC.

You will hear stories about what it was like to complete medical training at an older age and then take on medical leadership roles at Fort Bragg. He talks about being immediately recruited to become the Delta Force surgeon, but waited a couple of years to hone his clinical skills following residency.

He tells some awesome and incredible stories from his time with Delta Force as well as deploying with the 82ndAirborne Division to Southwest Asia. He had the opportunity to arrange a major medical conference, in partnership with USAID, featuring 30+ Physicians from the West to teach local Iraqi doctors to try to bring them closer to the current standards of care.

Following a 30+ year military career, he went on to establish a very successful civilian Family Medicine where he now works part time. He is a prolific author and has published 3 books that cover his time in SEAL training, his experiences as a physician and a book of transcribed letters from a relative that were written during the Civil War.

COL (Dr.) Adams shares many insights and lessons learned over a distinguished career and provides some valuable advice for all listeners. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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