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COL(Ret) Dr. Evan Renz: From Jumpmaster in the 82nd Airborne Division to Burn/Critical Care Surgeon

Dr. Renz has a distinguished 30+ year career in Military Medicine characterized by clinical excellence, leadership and service.

In this episode you will hear about the experiences Dr. Renz had as a Medical Service Officer with the 82ndAirborne Division where he became Ranger qualified and served as a jumpmaster. He then served as an operations officer at USUHS, the military medical school training many future Medical Corps Leaders. He talks about his experiences after training as a burn surgeon with the Army Burn Flight Team and taking care of patients at the USAISR Burn Center in San Antonio. Dr. Renz provides insights and lessons learned from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and how these resulted in saving many lives of injured servicemembers. He even talks about a unique experience in Afghanistan caring for local children who had suffered circumcision complications. COL(R) Renz has had an amazing and diverse experience in Military Medicine and you won’t be disappointed hearing some of the engaging stories from a distinguished career.

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