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COL(R) John B. Holcomb, MD, FACS- Revolutionizing Trauma Combat Casualty Care

Part 1

Dr. Holcomb describes his experiences while deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia, during the “Blackhawk Down” incident and how this shaped his future career in Military Medicine. He shares some stories from his experiences supporting Special Operations Forces early in his career and then from his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as a Trauma Surgeon and Trauma Consultant to the Army Surgeon General. He describes his experiences setting up the Joint Trauma Training at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston and later as the US Army Institute of Surgical Research Commander.

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Part 2

Dr. Holcomb describes groundbreaking developments that occurred during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the “rediscovery” of tourniquets, hemorrhage control, and shifts in transfusion paradigms. He describes how battlefield surgical techniques and improvements helped revolutionize Damage Control Surgery and Resuscitation for combat trauma. Dr. Holcomb is a true pioneer and visionary in combat casualty care and shares how ideas and concepts discovered in the lab or during research protocols ultimately benefit combat casualty care and change policy, doctrine, and care guidelines.

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