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COL Michael Wirt, M.D., Ph.D: Combat Radiologist, Command Surgeon and Hospital Commander

Dr. Wirt is currently the Chief of the Department of Radiology at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). In this episode you will hear about his journey from enlisting in the Army and going through Officer Candidate School to be commissioned as a Chemical Corps Officers. He explains how this experience prepared him for his distinguished career in Military Medicine. He explains the role a radiologist serves in deployed environments and provides insights into the future utilization of his specialty on the battlefield and beyond. He describes his role as Brigade Surgeon for the 502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and his experiences as the Task Force Strike Surgeon in Afghanistan. He later served as the Officer in Charge at the United Kingdom’s Bastion Role 3 Hospital in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

He talks about his time as the first non-surgeon commander of the US Army Institute of Surgical Research and some of the incredible work done by this organization. He also provides insights from his time in important senior leadership roles such as Command Surgeon and BAMC Commander during the COVID surges and working with civilian hospitals.

COL Wirt has had an amazing and diverse experience in Military Medicine and you won’t be disappointed hearing some of the engaging stories from a distinguished career.

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