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Nursing Considerations in Operational Medicine- Past, Present and Future

WarDocs had the privilege of hosting a conversation with retired Army Colonel Kimberlie Biever, a veteran nurse with a heart of gold. Kim, who served in the Army for many years, shared her unique insights and experiences, showcasing the transformative power of kindness within the nursing field and beyond.

Preparing for Large-Scale Medical Operations, The episode begins with an in-depth discussion with Colonel Kim Biever, who spent 31 years in the Army as a Critical Care Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Biever emphasized the importance of preparing medical personnel for the challenges ahead, particularly in the face of potential large-scale combat operations. He highlighted how crucial it is to equip medical personnel with the right skill set and proficiency level to match any situation that might arise on the battlefield. Biever stressed the need to learn from past events and experiences and find innovative ways to make tasks simpler and more efficient for medical professionals on the battlefield.

A Journey Through Compassionate Care

Kim’s journey underscores the significant influence of kindness within the nursing field. Throughout her career, she consistently found that simple acts of kindness contributed to positive patient outcomes. By treating patients with a gentle touch, a warm smile, or a comforting word, nurses can significantly improve the patient experience, fostering a healing environment that goes beyond medicine.

Leading with Kindness and Flexibility

As a leader in her field, Biever emphasized the importance of leading with kindness and flexibility. In her view, it's crucial to treat team members with respect and understanding, fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued and heard. By leading with kindness, leaders can create a positive ripple effect, encouraging team members to extend the same compassion to their patients.

Nursing: A Field of Opportunities

Biever stressed that the nursing field is diverse and broad, with a place for everyone. Whether it's working in critical care, mother-baby units, public health, or nursing administration, there are numerous roles and opportunities in nursing. This career diversity allows individuals to find their niche within the field, enabling them to serve patients in a way that aligns with their individual strengths and passions.

A Final Word

In an inspiring conversation, retired Army Colonel Kimberlie Biever painted a vivid picture of nursing as a career that goes beyond providing medical care. It's about compassion, kindness, and making a difference in people's lives every day. Whether you're a seasoned nurse or considering entering the field, Kim Biever's experiences and insights serve as a powerful reminder of the profound impact nurses can have on their patients' lives.

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