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Innovations in Hemorrhage Control- Inside the World of Tactical Medicine: John M. Croushorn, MD, FACEP

Updated: May 29

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In the latest episode of WarDocs, we're taken on a remarkable journey through the innovative landscape of Military Medicine. Dr. John M. Croushorn guides us through his extraordinary transition from an electrical engineer to a pivotal player in redefining Emergency Medicine in combat.


The episode delves into the birth of a device that's become a lifeline on the battlefield – the Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet (AAJT-S). This invention is not just another medical device; it represents a beacon of hope and a survival tool for those in the gravest situations.


Dr. Croushorn's narrative is not just a tale of scientific triumph but a testament to human resilience. His career trajectory took a sharp turn post-9/11 when he traded his civilian career for military fatigues and ventured into the uncharted waters of Military Medicine. From the arid deserts of Southwest Asia to the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Croushorn's experiences paint a vivid picture of the dire need for innovation in emergency protocols.


The AAJT-S, a device that seems almost MacGyvered from the unlikely beginnings of bike shop tubes, has become a game-changer in hemorrhage control. The podcast peels back the layers of its evolution, from the conceptual stages to the front lines, highlighting the collaboration with Special Forces Medics and the iterative design process that led to its current form.


Listeners are offered a glimpse into the practical applications of this versatile device, from the Australian Air Ambulance Service to the San Antonio Fire Department, underscoring the global impact of Dr. Croushorn's work. The podcast also provides a hopeful glance at the role of Emergency Medicine amidst the turmoil in Ukraine, demonstrating the AAJT-S's life-preserving capabilities.


Dr. Croushorn's journey reminds us that the path to innovation is not always linear. Sometimes, it requires a leap of faith, a willingness to defy convention, and the resolve to turn challenges into opportunities. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern warfare and its implications on medical care, the stories and insights shared in this episode serve as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit of those who seek to make a difference, even in the most dire circumstances.

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