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Exploring the Intersection of Civilian and Military Medicine: A Story of Dedication and Leadership- MG(R) Joseph Caravalho, Jr. M.D.

From the azure waters of Hawaii to the bustling corridors of Washington DC's power centers, Dr. Joseph Carvalho has navigated a fascinating journey. This retired Army Major General has dived deep into the world of military medicine, and this week, we bring you an intriguing conversation about his experiences. His story starts in Hawaii, takes him to Gonzaga University on an ROTC scholarship, and then to the Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences, where he earned his medical degree. Along the way, he's held roles as an Internist, Nuclear Medicine Physician, and Cardiologist, as well as Commander of several important military medical Commands and as Joint Staff Surgeon advising the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He now serves as the president and CEO of the Henry M Jackson Foundation.


Dr. Carvalho doesn't just share his story; he unpacks what it means to serve in the medical arena of the military. Get ready for a deep exploration into the career paths, diversity of roles, and leadership challenges medical officers face in combat environments. We talk about his time commanding medical units during wartime, managing wounded warriors at major military hospitals like BAMC and Walter Reed, and the intricacies of military healthcare. We also delve into the factors that make military medical facilities stand out, the importance of military medical research, and the recent developments in transgender acceptance in the military.


We round up our conversation with a spotlight on the Henry M Jackson Foundation, where Dr. Carvalho now serves as the president and CEO. As we navigate this chapter of his journey, we discover the role this foundation plays in bridging the gap between civilian and military medicine. We dissect the needed balance between medical research and addressing human frailty in healthcare. So, join us as we traverse through the exciting, complex, and critical world of military healthcare. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from an expert who's been on the front lines, and don't forget to bring your curiosity along for the ride.

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