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Celebrating Military Medical Spouses and Families: Strength, Resilience, and Support Systems

In our recent podcast episode, we highlighted the crucial role that military medical spouses and families play within our military community. The strength, resilience, and tenacity of these families are the backbone of military medicine.

We had the privilege of interviewing two incredible women, Sue Clark and Melinda Stackle, both military medical spouses, for many years. Married to retired Major General Jeff Clark and Colonel Mark Stackle, respectively, they shared their unique experiences navigating the demanding lifestyle of being a military medical spouse.

One of the central themes of the episode was the importance of a strong support system. Sue and Melinda stressed the necessity of seeking out and connecting with others in similar situations. Their stories emphasized the value of learning from senior military spouses and having strategies for coping with deployments and reintegration.


Interestingly, both women identified the transition from clinical practice to operational

command as one of the most challenging periods in their spouse's career. This shift often means more travel, longer hours away from home, and a deeper immersion into military life. They stressed the importance of educating military spouses about these transitions and providing resources for them to navigate this new terrain.

One excellent example of this support is the Oak Leaf Club at Walter Reed, which Sue praised for its effective auxiliary programs. Such organizations can play a crucial role in educating and supporting military spouses, providing a sense of community and a support network.

The episode also delved into the changes and challenges military spouses face due to deployments. From managing households single-handedly to coping with the uncertainties of their spouse's absence, these challenges are unique and demanding.


Moreover, when the deployment ends, the process of reintegration begins, which brings its own set of challenges. The importance of communication and taking things slowly during this process was emphasized by both Sue and Melinda. They shared how they used strategies like distraction and relying on support groups to cope with these periods.

Ultimately, this episode is a celebration and acknowledgment of the vital role that military medical spouses and families play in caring for our nation's warriors and supporting the cause of freedom. Their stories of strength, resilience, and adaptability remind us of the sacrifices they make and their immense significance in our military community.

To all military medical spouses and families out there, we salute you. You are the unsung heroes of our nation's military community, and your stories deserve to be heard and celebrated.

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