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Friends, Your tax-deductible donation to WarDocs - The Military Medicine Podcast will help us achieve our mission to honor the legacy of Military Medicine, preserve its rich history, inspire future generations of medical heroes, and inform the public about the incredible feats of our military medical professionals from all Services, Ranks and Corps.

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For the rest of 2023 we will send a free T-shirt to anyone who makes a donation of any amount to WarDocs*. Just include your preferred size, color (see our website for all options) and mailing address in the comments section of your donation and we will mail you our custom T-shirt that will show your support for our mission and express your awesome sense of style. You can also purchase additional merchandise (excellent holiday gift ideas) on our website. (*While Supplies Last)

Why Donate?

People are the heart of Military Medicine. WarDocs tells their stories in the first person. . . across services, across specialties and across the spectrum of the Military Medical experience. These well-done podcasts are a ready reference for anyone interested in a Military Medicine career and ought to be part of every medical recruiter's tool kit. -LTG (Ret) James Peake. Former Secretary, Veterans Affairs and US Army Surgeon General Capturing military history by listening to those who lived it is priceless. WarDocs gives unfiltered understanding of military health decisions and outcomes, allowing the next generation avoid past mistakes and save lives. Lt Gen (Ret) Bruce Green, former US Air Force Surgeon General With wide ranging, authoratative and incredibly compelling content, WarDocs has rapidly become to the “go to” source for those seeking to understand and share the ever-evolving principles and practices of military medicine. RADM (Ret) Bruce Gillingham, former US Navy Surgeon General

Making a Difference- 150 Episodes Published!

Our commitment to honoring the legacy of Military Medicine means paying tribute to the courageous individuals who have risked their lives to save others. With your help, we can continue sharing their incredible stories, ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten. By preserving the history of Military Medicine, we ensure that the lessons learned from past conflicts are passed down to the medical professionals of the future. Your contribution will help us create a valuable resource for Military Medicine students and those who will risk their lives in future hostilities and provide care in austere locations around the globe.

Honoring the Legacy and Preserving the History of Military Medicine

The WarDocs Mission is to honor the legacy, preserve the oral history, and showcase career opportunities, unique expeditionary experiences, and achievements of Military Medicine. We foster patriotism and pride in Who we are, What we do, and, most importantly, How we serve Our Patients, the DoD, and Our Nation.

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WarDocs- The Military Medicine Podcast is a Non-Profit, Tax-exempt-501(c)(3) veteran-run organization supported by volunteers. All donations are tax-deductible and go to honoring and preserving the history, experiences, successes, and lessons learned in Military Medicine. A tax receipt will be sent to you.

WARDOCS documents the experiences, contributions, and innovations of all military medicine Services, ranks, and Corps who are affectionately called "Docs" as a sign of respect, trust, and confidence on and off the battlefield, demonstrating dedication to the medical care of fellow comrades in arms.

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