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Exploring the History and Evolution of Combat Wound Care- COL(R) Evan Renz, MD

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey through the pages of military medicine history? If so, buckle up as we join retired Army Colonel, Dr. Evan Renz, on an intriguing exploration of the evolution of military wound care. In a recent episode of the WarDocs podcast, Dr. Renz shares a treasure trove of experience, discussing how military wound care has progressed from World War II to the present day.

Having served as a general and burn surgeon with a rich history of training and working at the US Institute of Surgical Research's Burn Unit in San Antonio, Dr. Renz is more than qualified to guide us through this journey. He passionately emphasizes the critical importance of learning from our past and integrating these lessons into future military medical training.

The podcast episode starts with a look at the evolution of military wound care, where Dr. Renz recounts changes in wound management since World War II, including advancements in medications and the trend towards leaving more wounds open for better healing. He then moves on to discuss wound management in damage control resuscitation, sharing his pioneering use of wound vac in 1997 and its evolution over the years.

Our exploration then takes a detour to the USAISR Burn Center, where Dr. Renz shares valuable insights on wound care management. He reveals intriguing practices such as avoiding prophylaxis antibiotics for isolated burn injuries and the strategic use of wound vac. He also delves into the fine balance of initiating and adjusting fluid for patients and the crucial decision-making process involved in combat wound closure.

The podcast episode wraps up with a discussion on the pressing need to pass on knowledge and training in the advances of technology. It is clear that the episode is more than just a lesson in medical history. It is a tribute to those who dedicate their lives to advancing military medicine and a call to action for continued innovation in the field.

For anyone interested in military medicine or the evolution of wound care, this episode of WarDocs with Dr. Evan Renz is a must-listen. You are guaranteed to walk away with a newfound respect for military medicine and those who dedicate their lives to its advancement.

Join us on this captivating journey and deepen your understanding of the progress in military wound care. Let's appreciate the past, understand the present, and anticipate the future together.

The interview featuring Dr. Renz is available on all major podcast platforms. Here are some popular links that will bring you directly to the episode:

This episode was sponsored by a generous educational grant from 3M corporation.

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