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Major General (Ret) Dr. Sean L. Murphy- Taking Care of Military Members and their Families

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Dr. Murphy retired in 2021 and most recently served on Active Duty as the Deputy Surgeon General of the Air Force.

In this episode Dr. Murphy shares stories about growing up in a family of Irish Cops and his journey to the Air Force Academy and then becoming an Air Force Pediatrician. He talks about the importance of military pediatricians and their unique mission around the globe both in combat and in garrison. He touches on the unique mission of Air Force Medicine and provides anecdotes from time spent as a pediatrician as well as a Flight Surgeon taking care of families and military pilots (“adolescents at heart”).

He explains some of the unique challenges of being a staff officer at the Pentagon, but shares how rewarding it can be to make significant positive changes for the entire healthcare system such as developing and implementing TRICARE for Life. He was able to leverage his experiences at the National War College to provide leadership with Joint Combatant Commands at SOUTHCOM and the Pacific Air Force. He shares many insights and lessons learned over a 40-year career. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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