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BG Shan Bagby, DMD, MHA on WarDocs (Parts 1 & 2)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Part 1 with BG Bagby

Brigadier General Shan Bagby DMD, MHA – Battlefield Dental Care, the Role of Dentists in Leading Military Medicine, and the Dual Military and Medical Professional

BG (Dr.) Shan Bagby discusses how at an early age a role model dentist inspired him to pursue a career in dentistry. After earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, he then went on to train in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Los Angeles and advance trauma fellowship training at UT Houston. He describes complex cases that helped care for and his role as Commander of the 561st Medical Company (Dental Services) in Iraq. He describes the importance of dental care in ensuring readiness in the military fight force.

In this episode you will also hear about his multiple leadership roles including the Commanding General of Brooke Army Medical Center. He describes his mentorship methodology and how military medicine professionals need to understand the profession of arms and their medical specialty profession. Hear about how advanced military schooling helps shape the leaders of military medicine.

This episode also discusses the importance of role models and how by virtue of rank and education, military professionals must understand that they are role models to others. Hear about a wonderful military career and how the military opened door after door of opportunity that BG Bagby walked through in his distinguished career.

Listen to Part 1 Here:

Part 2 with BG Bagby

Brigadier General Shan Bagby DMD, MHA – The Importance of developing a Diverse Military Medical Force and Leading through tough social times and an Inside look at Deployed Dental Care

BG (Dr.) Shan Bagby discusses the importance of developing a culture that is diverse and respects the profession of arms. He described the importance of diversity and equity in military culture and how biases can hold back the full potential of the system and leave talent on the table. He describes his leadership experiences as the Commander of Brooke Army Medical Center, the largest military hospital, through tough social times and how he used his leadership role to enhance a culture of inclusivity. He gives several specific examples of how to sense the culture and feelings of such a large organization and how to conduct effective listening session with his subordinate teammates.

You will also hear about how dentistry uses data from Vietnam to ensure that dental care allows for readiness in the medical force and a unique perspective of dental care on the battlefield.

You won’t want to miss this very important bonus episode and valuable advice and mentorship pearls from a respected military leader with a distinguished career.

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