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WarDocs-The Military Medicine Podcast- What are We For?

In response to some of the feedback we've received, we decided to produce an episode dedicated to telling our origin story and describing our mission.

WarDocs Podcast is looking for likeminded individuals who share our passion about honoring the legacy and preserving the oral history of Military Medicine. In this special mini-episode Doug and Wayne will answer the following questions about the podcast:

1. What is the mission of WarDocs and why do we do this?

2. How did WarDocs start and how did the vision evolve?

3. Who might be interested in WarDocs?

4. What are some memorable moments so far?

5. What does the audience get out of listening?

6. Where is WarDocs going in the future?

7. How can our listeners join and help the cause?

Visit our webpage and become part of Team WarDocs at

WarDocs- The Military Medicine Podcast is a Veteran Run, Non-Profit, Tax-exempt-501(c)(3) Organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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