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Dear Friend of Military Medicine,


The WarDocs Mission is to honor the legacy, preserve the oral history, and showcase career

opportunities, unique expeditionary experiences, and achievements of Military Medicine. Foster patriotism and pride in Who we are, What we do, and, most importantly, How we serve Our Patients, the DoD, and Our Nation.


You can support this effort by joining Team WarDocs and providing financial assistance to help us continue to provide quality, value-added content and use lessons from the past to improve the future of healthcare. 

WarDocs- The Military Medicine Podcast is a Non-Profit, Tax-exempt-501(c)(3) Veteran Run Organization. 

All contributions are tax-deductible.  

Each episode requires approximately $500 to produce and distribute.  Thank you for your donation.

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The work done creating, developing, recording, editing and publishing the podcast is done by a small cadre of unpaid volunteers who are committed to the WarDocs Project. Your contributions will help us pay the bills that cover our website maintenance, podcast publishing costs, post-production editing software usage fees, online video/audio recording capabilities, online data storage and other necessities of putting out a quality podcast. 


We’d love for the podcast to get out to a broader audience so others can have some additional appreciation for all the outstanding people and great things that happen in Military Medicine. Our hope is to utilize grassroots support from folks such as you to keep the project going. Thanks for considering a donation!

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